kwong kee Yeow


Marina Bay Sands (Sunrise), 2017 by kwong kee Yeow

kwong kee Yeow
Marina Bay Sands (Sunrise), 2017


About the Artist
Yeow Kwong Kee a.ka K.K. Yeow (born in Singapore 1976) started his passion in art since very young age and was taught in fine art on still life drawing , calligraphy painting under some famous artist from Tuan Mong High School. He continue his passion in art which he explore to other advance painting techniques and mastered finger painting and 3d abstract painting. He is currently a Art and Creative Director in Design and Media company and he is active in digital art advance photography and mixed media artwork. One of his famous commission Singapore painting was the "Japanese Garden" 2016 which was presented as a state gift to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for 50 years of diplomatic ties between Japan and Singapore on September 2016. His latest works beside painting are digital artwork which combines advanced photography techniques and digital painting which have amazing effect and new perspective approach in architectural and still life. Come and enjoy his perspective of Art through his amazing artwork.

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