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Lara H
Scratchboard Pet Portraits, 0


Having owned many pets of our own, we know how much owners love their animals. We also know how beautiful it is when you see everything you love about your pet carefully crafted into a detailed piece of artwork. Taking layers of ink away with a variety of tools, we make every stroke reflect the best qualities of your pet.

First, we enlarge the photo you provide – placing it under different lights and angles – to really see the nuances in form. After we take it all in, we imagine your pet perched on our drafting table or sitting right beside us! (Yes, we really do)

The artwork process starts with a blank canvas, and layers of material are gently removed, or "unsketched", to reveal your pet that is “hidden” inside. The uniqueness of your pet literally becomes embedded into the artistic medium. Each line is individually scored to reflect the character and personality of the animal. Every stroke with our tool allows us time to reflect upon each trait we see in the photo and make sure we are honoring the pet and its owner with accuracy and beauty.

Why do we use the scratchboard method? This art form is employed to allow pictures to be photographically reduced without losing quality. The result is an incredibly detailed portrait that has depth and texture – almost like you are looking into the soul of the subject. And that is the gift we want to give to our clients.

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