Leanne Bouwer

United States of America

I paint with oil on canvas typically on a larger scale. In my work, I use the natural landscape, as well as imagined elements in a symbolic way to represent inner states of being. I enjoy bold use of color and a play, or tension, between hard edges and softer edges, and between more fluid, more painterly, sections and more tight and realistic elements superimposed on top. I strive for my painting process to be visible and transparent to all who view it. I want my individual brushstrokes to be seen, individually for what they are. The work of creating the piece needs to be apparent because the work and strokes hold a lot of the energy of the piece, as a result I paint as directly as possible.

I currently meditate on, and am drawn to, images or a series of images which I research and create into larger pieces of work. They are based on many diverse elements that I want to pull together for various reasons. I paint and go with the flow and let the image unfold. I respond to what is working in the image as I go along, and work around that, building and developing the image around the unexpected 'bits' I like. There is no way to imagine or anticipate everything that will come up in the painting process and I feel the image, and message, is greatly enhanced with a playful and experimental mindset.

In my art I do not just want to show skill at painting a given object, I want to share a thought, an idea too complex for words. That is why I paint. To share, and express, my ideas. I enjoy complex, multidimensional experiences that can change over time as the viewer changes and their world view changes, something fluid and experiential. The way each of us can have a different experience of a walk along a dry footpath and even though you take that same path daily or see the work daily, each time it can show you something different. It can be something different. That is my wish for my work..

B.Sc Eng, MBA
SVOS's Oct Exhibition, 2nd Prize, 2014
Artavita, Honourable Mention, 2013
Group Exhibition at SVOS, 2013
Group Exhibition at SVOS, 2014
Group Exhibition at SVOS, 2015
Solo Exhibition at Art Cafe, Los Altos, 2014

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