Leon Fleisher

United States of America

Concept Art #1, 2017 by Leon Fleisher

Leon Fleisher
Concept Art #1, 2017

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Light Guru, 2016 by Leon Fleisher

Leon Fleisher
Light Guru, 2016

Sea Nymph , 2017 by Leon Fleisher

Leon Fleisher
Sea Nymph , 2017


Hi there,
My name is Leon and I am a Los Angeles based freelance artist. Originally self-taught in Durham, NC, I eventually took my efforts to 'Pratt Institute' where I graduated with a focus on 'Digital Design and Interactive Media'.
Pencil was my medium of choice as a kid. As I developed, I experimented with chalks, ink, relief prints, paints & oils, before ultimately settling down with my computer and tablet.
Going digital has ushered me into developing a graphic novel/Storyboards in my spare time. Aside from that I enjoy creating Concept Art, Panels, Portraits, Flyers, Movie posters and landscape pieces.

I look forward to working with you,

Pratt Institute

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