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Trans women are real women by Lyle O'Mara

Lyle O'Mara
Trans women are real women

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Hangyoku meets Vending Machine, 2018 by Lyle O'Mara

Lyle O'Mara
Hangyoku meets Vending Machine, 2018

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Lyle O’Mara was born and raised in Germany and studied Communication Design at Kuntschule Wandsbek in Hamburg where he graduated from in 2013. He then moved to the UK to live and work there for a couple of years. In April 2018 he came Tokyo, Japan where he now works as a freelance illustrator, and does a couple of odd jobs on the side.

Lyle takes mostly inspiration from nature, subcultures and the LGBT community of which he is part of himself and likes to use elements of surrealism and Jugendstil.

In October 2017 he self-published his first book called Trans Is Beautiful that features portraits and interviews with transgender and non-binary people from around the world.

If you have a project you’d like him to get involved in, please send him an email at or use the contact form. He’s interested in anything to do with environmentalism, veganism, LGBTQ and feminism but also does private commissions.

Kunstschule Wandsbek
Group Exhibition at Hey Lady Issue 6 Launch, United States of America, 2016
Group Exhibition at Liverpool Art Fair, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 20014

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