Matheus Almeida


ColorBoom 2.1, 2016 by Matheus Almeida

Matheus Almeida
ColorBoom 2.1, 2016

ColorBoom 2, 2016 by Matheus Almeida

Matheus Almeida
ColorBoom 2, 2016

ColorBoom 1, 2016 by Matheus Almeida

Matheus Almeida
ColorBoom 1, 2016

Primeiro Voo, 2017 by Matheus Almeida

Matheus Almeida
Primeiro Voo, 2017

Consentimento 2, 2016 by Matheus Almeida

Matheus Almeida
Consentimento 2, 2016


I fell in love with the Chinese culture when I was a teenager practicing kungfu (功夫). The three pillars of the Chinese thinking - Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism - opened widely the way I see the world. I started to practice Chinese medicine, and the ancient Chinese thought is that the great doctor should learn not only life and death but the rites, the philosophy and arts. So I began my way as an artist. We say that the movement of the swordsman and his weapon, the doctor and his needle and the artist with his brush are all the same. They must be the sword, the needle, the brush. Their movements are precise, delicate, accurate, with minimum effort. I wish to bring up the essence of what I'm painting with the minimum lines possible to show a kind simplicity, respecting things the way they are. So we must empty ourselves. I basically all my artwork medium is ink, water painting and acrylic. My inspirations are the Chinese and Japanese paints, the lines of Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Miró. I hope you enjoy.

Group Exhibition at Tendências Criativas, Brazil, 2016
Group Exhibition at BELA (Biennial of European and Latin American Contemporary Art), United States of America, 2017
Group Exhibition at A Força da Arte Brasileira, Finland, 2017

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