Michelle Lee

Korea (Republic of)

"I seek to create ‘remnants.’ Through an investigation of past history (the remnants), humanity is capable of achieving more efficient means to produce successful outcome in every matter; in other words ‘the remnants’ become a helpful resource and inspiration to its future generations. Through ‘remnants’ one can relive the memory, energy of the past. Also, it becomes a catalyst in promoting diversity, as it serves as constant input of encouragement to each individual’s distinct creativity.

I am deeply interested in surfaces with any signs of texture. And to do so I become quite adventurous with mediums; recently I am working with a synthetic waterproof paper with wet medium, and I’ve also tried making sculptural paintings with canvas as well. For me, texture indicates ‘remnants.’ Like scientists investigating on a surface of a meteorite to figure out its history and origin, I want to produce works that hold a progress of my time and history. Of course they shall be a reflection of my growth and development, but they will also carry much creative inspiration as well. And hopefully my ‘remnants’ will spark a brilliant idea within someone’s head… "

School of Art Institute of Chicago, IL
Group Exhibition at Spring BFA Show, United States of America, 2014
Solo Exhibition at Hello, where are you from?, Korea (Republic of), 2015

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