Michelle Sophia


My artwork takes a view of existential needs of human life such as self identity, culture and society in general. In my work, I place art and science on the same plane as philosophy because I believe that these three components are interdependent.

Having taught children from ages of 7 to 13, my engaged subjects were inspired by my experience as an art teacher, my work integrates the pure creativity and imagination of children and the colourful society of our world today.

My main focus is the incorporation of surrealism, which is based on dreams and imagination into varying styles. I like to convey an idea and especially inducing imagination in the viewer's mind.

Certificate in Western Art - Nanyang Academy of Fine Art; Bsc (Hon) Business - University of London
Group Exhibition at Pameran Poskad 2015, Singapore, 2015
Solo Exhibition at Be All Eyes, Singapore, 2010

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