michelle young

United States of America

sail away today, 2017 by michelle young

michelle young
sail away today, 2017

My cowboy boots, 2017 by michelle young

michelle young
My cowboy boots, 2017

Underwater warp, 2018 by michelle young

michelle young
Underwater warp, 2018

breath out , 2018 by michelle young

michelle young
breath out , 2018


Currently I'm a college student in Texas learning painting, drawing, and marketing mainly. From a very, very young age, I've been creating, from my first box of crayons to my most recent oil painting. They say that the more of what you feed yourself, the more you want it, and that's true for three primary areas in my life God, Art/education, and the ocean.
All of my paintings are made with curiosity and passion. Because that's why they are beautiful, If a piece of myself isn't in my work then what makes it special? I also try to put essence or a certain emotion in my paintings, not everyone will see it in each piece, but those who do I hope you truly enjoy it.
I'm just beginning as a professional artist: Etsy,kids book illustration, my website and blog, craft shows. I'm learning the tricks of the trade as I go along just like every other artist, but I know that one day I'll make it full time. And for those other artists, rebels, writers and creatives out there, you will too if you give it 151% and quit doubting yourself.

Website: mypureart.com/
Come check out my blog!, and if anyone would like to contact me go through Etsy or email me at Mydallasmy@gmail.com

soon to be graduate of studio arts at UNT 2019 December
Group Exhibition at Chaoi Bella, United States of America, 2018
Group Exhibition at SRISA Summer Florence study abroad, United States of America, 2018

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