Monica Taylor

United States of America

Commission - Turquoise Browed MotMot, 2014 by Monica Taylor

Monica Taylor
Commission - Turquoise Browed MotMot, 2014

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I am a self-taught artist originally from San Diego, California. I grew up with an artist/gallerist grandmother from Laguna Beach, California, who inspired in me a great love of the Arts; oil paintings and Classical Realism in particular. I enjoy its beauty, harmony and completeness. The methods used in this style of painting are especially enjoyable as they allow me to spend a great deal of time engrossed in the process. Each stage, from the initial sketches, drawing, and underpainting to the final glazes, creates a meditative and zen-like pursuit of perfection.

It was a natural evolution to explore different styles, media and substrates. My body of work has grown to include abstract and semi-abstract paintings inspired by the beauty and colors of our natural world; In addition to the traditional use of oils on canvas, I also use natural materials, alcohol inks and encaustics. Creating more abstract work has brought a freeing spontaneity that serves as a great counterbalance to the methodical, academic realist work.

In 2002, I was awarded a scholarship to the San Diego Art Institute at Balboa Park in San Diego. Though I chose to forego their instructional programs, I did exhibit regularly in their Museum of the Living Artist. I have since gone on to exhibit in many solo and group shows, throughout Southern California, Texas and New York.

Working on commissions has become one of my absolute favorite endeavors - art is such a personal thing! From the collaboration to the finished product that brings joy, nothing makes me happier.

self taught artist for 20+ years

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