Nataša Konjević

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nataša Konjević received her degree in Visual Arts from the Academy of Arts in her hometown Banja Luka in 2012. During her study, she got three awards for her work, participated in few art colonies and collective exhibitions, and had one solo exhibition. After college, she got involved in the NGO sector and got the chance to travel and be part of international art related workshops. There she got familiarized with world of European illustrations, comics and street art and started to practice it herself. She won first prize in the Paola de Manincor competition and completed a mural 12.5 x 8 m, has done illustrations and covers for two books, has worked on numerous fanzines and posters dealing with ecology and sustainability. For the past three years, she has been an art teacher for kids and adults at local NGO, and she thinks that working with children has had great impact on her art.

Style and inspiration:
Nataša's drawings and paintings are in a way a form of personal diary. With illustrations, she is attempting to express thoughts and moods that she has and goes through on a every day basis. These are simple, ordinary situations that, because of their routine and frequency, are often neglected and ignored. Often, her works have humor and naivety in them, and that is the way she thinks of life – as series of comic situations and irrational behaviors. Even though her works are pretty intimate and private, they possess universal notes because the themes that she deals with are something that we all as emotional beings go through. She draws and paints the faces in a realistic manner and the rest of the work is usually done like 2D illustrations. She loves to draw a lot of symbolic details making her work quite imaginative and in a way, fairytales for grown-ups.

2008 - 2012. Graduated visual artist Bachelor Degree at University of Banja Luka - Academy of Arts, Departament of Visual arts(Art printing ),Bosnia and Herzegovina
"Paola de Manincor" contest for best mural, Prijedor (Bosnia), 1st Prize, 2013
Art print, Museum Kozara, Prijedor (Bosnia), 1st Prize, 2012
Art print on competition „EX-LIBRIS Dunav“, Museum Pančevo (Serbia), Diploma, 2010
Drawing, Academy of fine arts Banja Luka (Bosnia), 1st Prize, 2009
Solo Exhibition at Notes“ – exhibition of drawings in ApARTman,a project for promoting contemporary art. Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014
Solo Exhibition at The game of drawing faces“ – exhibition of drawings at Gallery Jedro, Medvode, Slovenia, 2014
Solo Exhibition at Confrontation“ – exhibition of paintings at KSC Bugojno, Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013
Solo Exhibition at Confrontation“ – exhibition of paintings at Gallery UDAS, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013
Solo Exhibition at Collages“ – exhibitions of collages at Gallery Đura Jakšić, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2012

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