Nishantini Janani


A pretty cool human was born in 1991, Singapore and went by the name of Nishantini. Ever since she was a child, she had a certain attraction towards making art. During her secondary school days, she was able to revisit her interest and despite all odds; she decided to pursue her passion by joining NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts). The learning journey through NAFA did not stop her from exploring and trying different forms of art. Art was about exploration. Any artwork had to have a certain amount of emotion to it, according to Nishantini. The amount of emotions and attachment towards an artwork usually shows in the work itself. Playing with tones and texture always seem to be the way to go for the artist. She likes to go either ways, subtle or contrasting with the tone, sometimes smooth or course with the texture, depending on the basic concept of the artwork. Like it has been said, she never sticks to one style and always tries to explore every idea in her head. Movement was a crucial factor in most of her artworks, always aiming to create a dramatic movement so as to capture the attention of the audience. Capturing inspiration from different everyday objects has been the main concept. Nishantini has been able to draw inspiration from simple designs on the streets to beautiful natural scenes to create her artworks abling to see beauty in everything she eyes on. Even though her main interests are on social issues of the world, especially on women’s rights and problems, she does not stop and focus on just that topic alone. She hopes to discover more styles and to always learn something new throughout her art journey. Have a look at her works and you will understand her explorations of vast ideas!

Diploma in Fine Arts (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore)

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