Nuh Akiru


Akiru is a Fine / Digital / Illustrator Artist who favours traditional drawings and enamel paint. Born and raised in Singapore, his love of art began at a very young age. He first started out doodling with a pencil back then and from there, passion and his love of drawing started kicking in and in turn, made him into what he is today. Most of Akiru works are randomly based on his own personal interest. This topic includes religion, politics and his personal life. In most of his works, his preferred choice of medium would be based mostly on Pen, Pencil & Enamel Paint. In future, he hopes to take part in every Art Competition not only regionally but, internationally.

Diploma in Fine Art, Western Painting
Faber Castell Art Competition, Merit Award, 2012
Group Exhibition at The Grad Expectations, Singapore, 2015
Group Exhibition at Faber Castell Art Competition, Singapore, 2015

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