Patricia Reynolds


I was bitten by the art bug in 2007,shortly after the birth of my third child and slap bang in the middle of a full-time nursing career in Ireland. What started out as a niggling curiosity around creativity progressed into a fascinating journey on a very steep learning curve. Fast forward nine years and I find myself having taken root in Canberra, family in tow, still nursing and my love of art and creativity is all consuming. There has been no formal training although I spent a year with Eamon Dowdican at Sligo Oil Painting in Ireland gaining valuable experience with oils and a year at Canberra Art Workshop with Denis Bentley provided me with a solid foundation in portraiture . Art, for me, is a form of escapism, it enables me to be mindful of the beauty of the world we live in and allows me to tell a story. Many of the pieces I have sold in the past are commissioned by people who have their own story to tell..It brings me great pleasure to be part of that process. It is an honour to create an image that is close to the heart of another person ,whether its a portrait, landscape or still life.

B.A Nursing Studies

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