Poonam Sachdeva


For me ART is love and passion.In creating my paintings, I often go through a long and unpredictable process. Sometimes, I have an idea that comes out of years of experimentation, while other times, I can develop an idea in a matter of days. But once I have an idea clear in my mind's eye, I start on small-scale pencil drawings and digital sketches, and work on color variations and details of composition. Only once I am satisfied with the results do I begin the painting on an appropriately - sized canvas or board. The composition, the overall color palette, and the interplay between colors and textures on the surface are all important parts of my message. What I am looking to do with my painting is to transform emotions and feelings into visual abstractions, into arrangements of tones and forms. I analyze my own works deeply to try to create a new visual experience - one that is both rich in its colors and tones, and bold in its textures and composition. I take my main inspiration from the beauty of everyday life, but I am also drawn to the idea of a world beyond us, one that we feel but cannot see. My art allows me to explore the many questions I pose to myself about human history, our planet, our universe, and our future.
I feel glad and enriched when i am with my ART!

B.ComPass,Advanced diploma in Business Management

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