Poulami Banerjee

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The orange boat, 2017 by Poulami Banerjee

Poulami Banerjee
The orange boat, 2017

Paris street scene, 2017 by Poulami Banerjee

Poulami Banerjee
Paris street scene, 2017

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A fervent desire, 2016 by Poulami Banerjee

Poulami Banerjee
A fervent desire, 2016

Ode to cacophony, 2016 by Poulami Banerjee

Poulami Banerjee
Ode to cacophony, 2016

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Multi-story (SOLD), 2015 by Poulami Banerjee

Poulami Banerjee
Multi-story (SOLD), 2015

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City speaks I - A peek in to her sou, 2015 by Poulami Banerjee

Poulami Banerjee
City speaks I - A peek in to her sou, 2015


I live in Cambridge,UK. I've been drawing basically since I was able to hold a pencil. My main interests lie in painting, mostly in acrylic and oil based media.Various forms of visual art attracted me since I was a little child. Even now I delve into the paintings I made when I was a kid, reminiscing those carefree days. Since then, apart from painting, I have been dabbing into the world of sketching, illustration, photography, graphic design and web design.

I worked as a web designer in a news company for two years. Other than that I worked with a popular magazine as an illustrator. Finally, I decided to focus completely towards painting and pursue my dream.

The primary inspiration for my paintings stem from a strong subject matter, matters that move me the most and forces me to think about them. Sometimes I like to express these thoughts through some form of symbolism or abstract surrealism. Apart from this I like to perceive how shapes and colors take their natural form in real life. I am also fascinated by the anatomy of the human body. From time to time I study them through still life or figurative painting.

My subjects mostly revolve around dark emotions of pain, suppression,suffering ,socio economic class division, burning issues of today's world and loneliness. Most of my subjects, whether simple Indian women involved in daily tasks, sex workers or even the shiny boots with a noose and blood which depict an autocrat, reflect angst and torment at the hands of a cruel society. Probably these thoughts are the residue of the times I spent studying economics during my college life. Other than this, the poignant and melancholic images I paint are simply expressions of what I feel and see everyday. Finally I should mention that I am inspired by the works of many artists: Dali, Van Gogh, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt to name

Group Exhibition at Pitt building Cambridge exhibition, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 2016
Randall Hopp

I had the pleasure of working with Poulami Banerjee regarding a personalized painting for my family and I must say without exception she was exceptional! From the moment we emailed, I could tell that she had my best interest in mind and she worked with me, listened to my ideas and masterfully recreated it for me on canvas. I love the work so much and loved working with her.

Her creativity, vision and talent were evident in her work and I highly recommend her to anyone that wants a great product by a talented individual that cares

Reviewed by Randall Hopp for Paris street scene, 2017