Pyotr Mutuc


Peter Raphael "Pyotr" Mutuc draws people, situations, cities and other little worlds filled with impossibly intricate details for the sheer ecstasy and agony of it.

He prefers the simplicity of pen and ink on paper. This allows him to create exquisite drawings similar to illustrative ink woodcut prints and old-style pen and ink renderings. More often than not, his work is a merry avalanche of urban and industrial landscapes, populated with a surprising range of characters.

He starts a piece with bare-concept sketches, filling them up slowly with minute details on pencil before rendering the work in ink. Even smaller details are then added before he can declare any work finished—almost as a compulsion masking as a necessary final polish.

The themes of his work are often seemingly very general and spontaneous, which draw one in to come nearer for an ever closer inspection that results in a wordlessly intimate conversation with the artist.

Fine Arts, Visual Communication Certificate Graduate, University of the Philippines, Diliman
North Face Monsters: Cannes 2009 , Finalist (Illustration), 2009
Adobo Magazine, Ad of the Month (June), 2009
Kidlat Awards, Gold (Illustration), 2010
Adobo Design Awards, Bronze, 2013
Quezon Rubber Cut Outdoor Posters: New York Festival, International Advertising Awards, 3rd Place (Design), 2014
Cannes , Bronze ( Art Direction), 2014
Clio, Silver and Bronze (Print Technique), 2014

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