Rebecka Warburton

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I go by the name of Becky, I mainly draw black and white sketches ranging from people to animals and ocassionally lanscapes. People mainly ask for me to draw portraits of there loved ones or even people they admire, they usually give me a refernece image to go off or they give me an idea of what they want for me to draw. I'm mostly comfortable in drawing black and white as thats what I am better at.

I'm studying Visual effects for film and TV at the University Of Bolton in the UK i will be moving on to my thrid and final year in September.
This course gives you the creative freedom every artist dreams of by letting me create anything that I want, but also making sure I follow references to make sure everything I do is anatomically correct which is useful with my drawing skills.

University of Bolton (United Kingdom)

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