Roberta Astegiano


Roberta Astegiano was born in Savigliano (Cuneo,Italy) May 1, 1981, as a child shows a strong interest in art in all its facets, especially for the design that develops on any media is the present and that allows to obtain more valid results to school in the arts. He attends with passion the State Institute of Art Hamlet Bertoni in Saluzzo (Cuneo, Italy), specializing in jewelry and art of design and metalworking, graduating with honors. Later can not be realized in this way in the world of work and decides to keep alive his love of art continued to draw exclusively for pleasure. A few years later he joined the faculty of Humanities of Turin following the course of Cultural Assets, renewing and fueling even more his passion for art, he graduated then presenting a particular thesis of a great living artist, and all ' now operating in contemporary, Joseph Kaliher. Lives in Vienna for two years and the experience in this city, added to the university heritage and vibrant friendship born with Kaliher give life to his visionary style and pseudo comic; thanks to the immediacy given by Pantone draw directly on the canvas, just as a child was on the edges of books and school notebooks, giving life and body to imaginary worlds that would like to visit where you forward with curiosity. The latest work discovered a new creative streak that led her to combine the use of Pantone colors with acrylic and sporadic cases with the glaze.

High Art Institute Saluzzo , Degree in Cultural Assets , Faculty of Humanities University of Turin
Leonardo Award, Winner, 2014
Group Exhibition at Itinerarte editions, Italy, 2014
Group Exhibition at GRAPHIC, Cultural Underground, Italy, 2014
Group Exhibition at Artistika, Italy, 2014
Group Exhibition at PARATISSIMA , Italy, 2014
Group Exhibition at GALLERISSIMA, Italy, 2014
Group Exhibition at Vibraciones CROMATICAS , Spain, 2015
Group Exhibition at COLORES DEL MUNDO , Argentina, 2015
Group Exhibition at SALUZZO ART, Italy, 2015
Group Exhibition at FROM BLUE TO RED VIA THE BLACK AND WHITE, Italy, 2015
Group Exhibition at ART.SOY LO QUE PINTO, Argentina, 2015
Group Exhibition at LE SALE DELL'ANIMA, Italy, 2015

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