Sabrina Squires

United States of America

Ancient civilizations mastered the technique of representing their lives two-dimensionally, as evidenced in their cave paintings and relief sculptures. While recognizably capturing the goings-on of their societies, they began the tradition of abstraction, where an object is formally defined. When viewed, these artifacts possess a curious ambiguity due to the removal of context created by the passage of time. I use representational figures in the same way: as vehicles through which to study color and line while referencing the world they depict. I begin with a sanded layer of National Geographic pages that lay a foundation rich with texture and subdued colors. Next, I build a framework of geometric and organic line that both organizes the texture and provides a skeletal structure to support the culminating coat. Washes of acrylic paint build to produce a matrix of collaborating colors, while the varying transparency ties all three layers together in contrasting depth.

BFA in Studio Arts, Emphasis in Painting from Brigham Young University
Smith's at West Point: Mural, $7,000, 2016
Group Exhibition at Utah Arts Festival, United States of America, 2017

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