Sander van Stijn


Sander van Stijn received his degree in art from the Dutch Academy of Fine Arts and began his career as art director at advertising agencies before becoming a professional artist in 2009. His art - mostly paintings, illustrations and sculptures - can already be found all over the world e.g. the USA, Germany, Aruba, France, Curaçao and The Netherlands. Clients vary from private art collectors to international companies and organizations like Dance4Life.

He recently completed his largest piece, a 120 by 40 inch abstract painting and is currently working on several new paintings, autonomous as well as commissioned. Soon he will be going for his Art Teachers degree to share his passion and inspire youngsters.

The majority of Sander’s paintings can be considered as expressive, colorful, graphical and contemporary. With portraits he usually simplifies abstracts figures by using palette knives and unrealistic colors with large contrasts. His background in graphic design also influenced his style. In abstracts he usually plays with shapes, structures and patterns that viewers might think to recognize but still leaving it undefined in the middle. "For me, most of my art is just what it is. I can't explain it and I don't want to. It's my world. Just look at it and experience all its glory with its colors, shapes, textures, materials, tiny details and layers. But feel absolutely free to see or feel things I never intended if it makes you happy.".

Using a modern array of colors and all kinds of self collected materials and objects throughout his life, he instinctively blends local and foreign cultural elements to create a rich imagery. He also explores other type of media like conceptual art objects and old-school signing & lettering and is open to installation art, sculpture and public art.

Academy of Fine Arts Minerva, Groningen 2001-2005Northern Arizona University, Advertising & Graphic Design, USA 2004CIBAP, Advertising & Presentation Techniques, Zwolle 1995–1998
Stoelendans, MUZYQ, Amsterdam, 1st prize, 2012
SAN Accent, 'Hallo Amsterdam' campaign, client: Vodafone, concept at OER, Amsterdam, , 2009
EFFIE nominee for 'Cyber Groomers Won't Let Go' campaign, concept and art direction at OER, client: MKP, , 2008
Jonge Honden / Young Creatives pitch for Heineken, Amsterdam, 1st prize, 2006
Design Battle at Academie Minerva, Groningen, 1st prize, 2004
Solo Exhibition at Cultural centre muzyQ, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2010
Group Exhibition at Exhibit at Lev Kaupas, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2010
Solo Exhibition at Dance4Life Event, Amsterdam , Netherlands, 2010

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