Sarah Rohimone


I specialise predominantly in the medium of painting of mixed media and photography. I grew up in a bustling urban city, Jakarta. Highly saturated hues and the hustle and bustle of cities fascinate me and are the driving force of creativity behind my work, as well as random memories of childhood. My style reflects today's spirit of the time, a valued tradition in a new era.

When I was a child I often went to play in playgrounds, I recall a hyperbolic glee whenever I set my eyes on such a landmark. The dizzying array of shapes and colors captivated my young mind; it was like rainbow coalition of fun. Such a spectacle could only be matched by Jakarta’s city at night. At a young age, most Indonesians like myself have to get used to long waiting times in traffic as jams almost everyday, and when situations like these, one can only admire the beautiful collection of lights of Jakarta’s city scape at night. My painting explores the subconscious of my early life, namely my idea of fun and nostalgia, as well as recurring random scenes and objects pertaining to it such as playgrounds and cityscapes persistent in my childhood. I think that it is an uphill challenge to be happy as one grows older; as a child we are not bound by trauma or setbacks, or standards superimposed onto us by society but innocence enabled us to once fathom true, unadulterated joy.

Diploma in Fine Art (Western Painting), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore
'CLYDE CO CLASIS’ Art Competition, Winner Artwork, 2014
Group Exhibition at DECK Galler, Singapore, 2015
Group Exhibition at Lim Hak Tai, Singapore, 2015
Group Exhibition at 'SOJOURN’ - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, 2015

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