Shiro Utafusa


Shiro Utafusa had no interest in drawing and painting until he was nineteen years old. He went to the technical school of fashion for 4 years. He found he was motivated via the drawing class towards drawing more and by the end of the second year he was drawing more often than designing clothing. Eventually, he started doodling the character “curry hair” in his notebook in the third year. After graduating in 2007 he moved to Australia with the dream of becoming a painter. He drew portraits of people whom he met while he stayed at various places such as the backpacker’s hotel. After the Australia trip, he moved back to Japan, and saved money for the next journey. In 2009, he moved to Bali, Indonesia to make paintings seriously. In Indonesia, he studied how to paint on canvas with acrylics and continued to teach himself how to draw. After staying in Indonesia, he moved to Singapore and Italy to continue painting. At that time he changed painting materials from acrylic to oil. Today he is a professional painter. Currently, his painting has two kinds of motifs. One is the series of the character of the “Kuru kuru atama”, that means curry hair. The story of the series of “Kuru kuru atama” is that the thirteen curry hair boys go to many places around the world to meet various people and animals in order to make them happy. All of the paintings have a story and they are connected to one series. The second is the “Hope of Sunflower” series. There is one sunflower in the painting with the background of the black and white or desperate scene. A single sunflower expresses the hope. He exhibited both the paintings and the text together in his exhibition and many people requested him to make the picture book of that exhibition. 500 copies were sold for the first 4 months, and additional copies of this book are in production and were ordered from the artist.

Technical School of Fashion
Group Exhibition at Metoro ART Tokyo , Japan, 2012
Solo Exhibition at Matsugaoka Gallery Yamagata, Japan, 2014
Solo Exhibition at Matsugaoka Gallery Yamagata, Japan, 2013
Solo Exhibition at Chayamachi Gallery, Osaka , Japan, 2012
Solo Exhibition at Koenji yonchome Cafe, Tokyo , Japan, 2010
Solo Exhibition at Starbucks cafe Kurashiki , Okayama , Japan, 2009
Group Exhibition at Ginza Mitsukoshi ,Tokyo, Japan, 2014
Group Exhibition at Matsugaoka ,Yamagata, Japan, 2014
Group Exhibition at 25TOGO Bright Gallery Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China, 2013
Group Exhibition at Tokyo Design week, Japan, 2013
Group Exhibition at GEISAI Tokyo , Japan, 2013
Group Exhibition at Tokyo Design week, Japan, 2012
Group Exhibition at Group Exhibition, Australia, 2010

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