Sophia Yong


Colours in ME and Through ME, 2015 by Sophia Yong

Sophia Yong
Colours in ME and Through ME, 2015

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Commissioned piece - Wendalisa, 2015 by Sophia Yong

Sophia Yong
Commissioned piece - Wendalisa, 2015

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the deep blue, 2012 by Sophia Yong

Sophia Yong
the deep blue, 2012

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La Vie En Rose, 2004 by Sophia Yong

Sophia Yong
La Vie En Rose, 2004

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Sophia graduated with a Bachelor of Science IT Degree and currently manages her own business. Her creative flare was evident as a child having represented and won prizes for her school at national Arts Competition at the age of 10. Growing up, she created some memorable art ‘installations’ for the class and won several design competitions. At 16, she designed the logo of her father’s interior designing firm and her first commissioned work was a 4ft x 3ft abstract painting of “flow” for the family’s living room. She participated in two volunteer projects to complete 4 panels of wall murals for the Institute of Mental Health in 2006, as part of giving back to society.

Her keen sense for colors and aesthetics also saw her being sought out by friends for ideas and suggestions.
Sophia attributed her ‘art’ genes to her mother who was a seamstress, her tailor granddad, and an uncle who specialised in Chinese ink painting. She is a wandering soul always on the look out for the next inspiration that will give what she calls the “visual high”. Beautiful artworks make her happy and in turn, she wants to create and share with people around her.

Sophia’s style is free-spirited, flowing and often colorful. She works with acrylic, oil and other interesting mediums. She continues to evolve and explore new tools and ideas, calling herself the “freedom” artist. It is her belief that this world is of beauty and wonder, and that everyone should be able to see the beauty from within themselves.

With the advent of the internet social platforms, she finds more avenues to express and showcase through “morphed” photography to let the world see beauty through her eyes.

She is currently working on two commissioned pieces: a portraiture of a very special friend who had recently passed on, and a wall mural of 8 x 14 ft for a bedroom.

Look her up on instagram SOPHIACOLOURS where she shares her love for colours and beauty seen through her eyes.

Bachelor of Science - Information Systems & Computer Science

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