Stewart Brown


Born in England in 1947, Stewart brown primarily worked in advertising and in the film industry though with a passion for Antiques he eventually became a restorer and cabinet maker.

On moving to France in 1995 his meeting with the well- known painter Pierre Fonferrier revealed in him his true vocation and since then, this self-taught artist has sold his work through galleries in France, U.S.A, Holland, England, Marocco, Singapore and Hong Kong and has won numerous prizes in French salons.
It is difficult to escape the exceptional realism that characterises his work.

'Still life' in French is 'Nature morte' but he prefers the English term to describe his paintings and rightly so as they appear to be truly suspended in time.

On richly worked backgrounds, fruits, vegetables or flowers contain in harmonious simplicity all the vibrant colours of the provencal markets. In other paintings we find his nostalgia for ancient everyday objects abandoned in some dusty attic that he brings back to life with great care for detail and often with a touch of humour.
It's always with the same meticulous precision that he offers us such a warm realism that makes him both a classical and modern artist of great diversity.

I would just like to mention that I dont follow the price per square inch for my pricing.
I always paint life size and there may be more material cost in a large painting but a smaller one can take as much time to execute.
So, to prevent over pricing large formats I use a sliding scale.

In the case of a commission, I love to paint stories on canvas.
Enigmatic, mysterious, nostalgic, humerous........
I would welcome any ideas including objects that might inspire a story for you.

Museum of Marine Troops, 3rd, 1995
Society of Fine Arts Maures - Esterel, Silver Medal, 1996
Medal of the General Council of the Var, , 1997
Museum of Marine Troops, 2nd, 1997
Marseille Gallery Phocéa, 1st Prize and Audience Award, 1998
Painting - Town Pignans , 1st, 1998
Chamber of Commerce Cup and Var Industry, , 2003
Société des Beaux - Arts Maures - Esterel, Silver Medal, 2006
Group Exhibition at Marine - Fréjus Troops Museum International Contemporary Art Fair Nice, 1995
Solo Exhibition at Gallery Mahé Rihn Frejus , Ste Maxime, Grimaud., France, 1998
Solo Exhibition at Touchstone Fine Arts - New Orleans, United States of America, 2003
Solo Exhibition at Gallery Opera -Paris, France, 2004
Solo Exhibition at Galerie Wiek XX - Netherlands, Netherlands, 2005
Solo Exhibition at Stephany Hoppen Gallery - London, France, 2008
Solo Exhibition at L'Atelier Gallery - Biot, 2009
Solo Exhibition at Catto Gallery - London, France, 2008
Solo Exhibition at Galerie d'Art Lawrence - Arnott, Marrakkech, 2008
Solo Exhibition at Lionesses Gallery Kaolin, Oingt , France, 2012
Solo Exhibition at Quantum Contemporary Art Gallery, France, 2013

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