Tanya Shatseva

Russian Federation

I love how everything is connected and reflects each other, creating something like a kaleidoscope. It changes all the time while simultaneously staying the same. I am in love with colors. Tricky human perception is one of the most interesting and inspiring things for me. I believe that when the artist dives headlong into an art process, there opens a connection to something beyond human understanding.

Website: www.tanyashatseva.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/shatseva

Instagram & Twitter: @tanyashatseva

YouTube and Vimeo: Tanya Shatseva

Prints, cases, t-shirts, pillows etc: http://nuvango.com/tanyashatseva & http://society6.com/tanyashatseva

Self educated
Group Exhibition at Just Carbon, United States of America, 2015

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