Teesin 林资深 Lem


Lem Tee Sin was born in 1976 in a happy small family. He developed his passion for art and drawings since childhood.

His parents’ untimely divorce during his teenage tremendously changed his perspective towards life. He deeply understood that, in one split moment, one’s life could be changed forever.

When he was 13, he learned the skill of portrait painting and was engaged as art teacher.

At the age of 14, he experienced the uncertainty of life.At 15, he dropped out from school and worked temporarily as a helper.

At 16, he recognized the truth of survival in the real world i.e., if one has no talent or skill, one is destined to be poor.

When he reached 17, he began his journey to his life goal – ART.

7 years later at the age of 24, he charted his personal dreams and believed that life should not be limited to monotonous experience. He aspired to write his life story in 3 different life chapters.

4 years after his ended college, he worked proactively and pursued all opportunities to learn and excel. He set up an art academy for children and worked as an art teacher. In the course of teaching art, he had the opportunity to learn about children psychology.

6 years later, Lem ventured into his second life chapter when he started a design house.

After 7 years of running a successful design business, Lem took the bold decision to sell off his business and entered his third life chapter.

Lem is now a full time artist specialising in portraits’ painting. Imagination is his tool to create realistic art.

The one academy
Solo Exhibition at Artistic life , Malaysia, 2006
Solo Exhibition at 30 Days in Hanoi, Viet Nam, 2014
Group Exhibition at After The Storm, Viet Nam, 2014
Group Exhibition at Pulau Ketam International Art Festival, Malaysia, 2014
Group Exhibition at lifeline, Malaysia, 2015
Group Exhibition at 10th anniversary International workshop, Thailand, 2015

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