Teo Chee Kia


My inspirations for painting are not complicated, nor hard to understand, I just enjoy painting for its ability to depict themes and subjects , ideas and opinions in my own way. I like to use the human figure in simple compositions to achieve this. Growing up in a constantly developing city there is much to learn and appreciate about its inhabitants, the wit and cunning grit of city dwellers, for instance. As such, I aim to capture my subjects' physical likenesses, and to utilize lighting and contrast effects as best as I can to flesh out its character. Primarily, I work in oils and draw my influences in painting from academic paintings and drawings. Such works require effort and immense skill, and they motivate me on my pursuit of excellence.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Group Exhibition at “Sojourn” School Europe Trip, Singapore, 2014
Group Exhibition at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Graduation Show, Singapore, 2015

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