Vibecke Lovik


Vibecke Lovik was born on the 2nd of November 1973, in Oslo Norway. Since childhood she has always had a passion for drawing, sketching and painting, using her hobby as a means to relax and recuperate. During her high school year she took art as a supplementary subject for two years. But she has no higher education in art.
In 2003 she moved to Houston, TX, with her husband. Here she took her painting to a new level by attending classes in both in figurative painting, taught by Ruben Coy, and abstract painting, taught by Salli Babbitt, at Houston Art League. She exhibited her painting two times with Houston Art League.

The medium she uses is acrylic paint. In her abstract work she often mixes in other textures such as sand, glue and various types of paper to get different expressions on the canvas. She uses a layering technique to create depth in color.

Her inspiration is mainly drawn from nature coupled with emotions, which is reflected in her color palate, using earthy tones. Her works have also been highly inspired by the American abstract painter Mark Rothko, and local Houstonian artist Ray Phillips.

When moving to Singapore in January 2008, she found new inspiration through attending classes with Patricia Cabaleiro at Cabaleiro Art & Design Studio, where she still attends classes on a regular basis, under Brazilian artist Patricia Cabaleiro. Patricia has taught her to work out of her comfort zone, and to experiment with colors she is not comfortable using. She has exhibited paintings two times at the Studio, before she was part of a team of 10 from Cabaleiro Art & Design Studio who exhibited paintings at the April version of The Singapore Affordable Art Fair earlier this Spring. Her paintings attracted a lot interest at the fair.

1979-1985 Elementary School, Norway. 1985-1989 Secondary School, Norway. 1989-1990 High School, Norway. 1990-1991 Exchange student, Novi High School, Michigan, USA. 1991-1993 High School, Norway. 1995-1996 Diploma in Higher Education, General Nursing, University of Oslo, Norway. 1996-1997 Introduction to Psychology, University of Plymouth, England. 1997-2000, Diploma in Higher Education, Paediatric Nursing, University of Plymouth, England. 2000-2001 Master Degree in Health and Social Policy, University of North London, England.
Group Exhibition at Houston Art League premises, Houston Texsas, United States of America, 2005
Group Exhibition at Houston Art League premises, Houston Texsas, United States of America, 2006
Group Exhibition at Cabaleiro Art & Design Studion, Singapore, 2010
Group Exhibition at Cabaleiro Art & Design Studion, Singapore, 2013
Group Exhibition at Affordable Art Fair, Singapore, 2015

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