Yong Yee Beh


My education in art was not formal. I pursued a degree in Economics and Professional Accounting in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and graduated with 2:1 honours. Currently, I am in the course of completing ACCA accounting professional papers to start off my journey becoming a professional qualified accountant. As much as I wanted to fully focus on my art career, I was afraid of not being able to live up to expectations.

Art is challenging because of its subjective nature where appreciation varies from one person to another. At times, I would regret not going through formal art education. Especially when I need to set up an art profile to network with artists and clients. I would also have to agree that because of such a background, I have become a better person seeing art from a whole new perspective. I am self-taught in art media and I hope that one day I would be able further my studies in art in Japan. Before that, I want to make sure that I grow to my fullest potential and become a great artist.

One day, I hope art will no longer be a choice for people who did not study well or did not have a choice. Art is for everyone who has learnt to appreciate life. I work towards the goal of creating art together with everyone.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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