MaryAnn Loo


The riba roja dream tree 2018 mural painting penguin art maryann loo

The Riba-roja Dream Tree , 2018

MaryAnn Loo

Acrylic on Wood, 78.8"W × 98.4"H × 1"D

I painted this mural during my first artist residency in Riba-roja d'Ebre, a Catalonian village in Spain, June 2018. The tree was painted with acrylic on wood panel, then the panels were affixed to the wall, and then I painted in the rest of the wall. A Dream Tree connects the ground with the clouds, and is a bridge between reality and our dreams and aspirations. I'm currently on a mission to complete 100 Dream Trees all over the world. Let me know if you would like one specially customized for your home or workplace! I can also paint other whimsical scenes.

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