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Good Enough to Eat: Art and Food

Art isn’t usually thought of as edible, but some look good enough to eat. (You can actually eat some of the works below!) Artists blur the lines between art and food with their creations, some creamy and sweet, others larger than life barbecue fare. Hungry yet? “Treats in the »

How To Buy Art For Your Industrial Themed Home

Industrial decor Industrial home design styles are very recognizable. It makes use of unfinished surfaces, lots of metal, and rough textures. Industrial details like exposed pipes, metal stairways, and chipped brick walls alongside luxurious fabrics and lush indoor plants are the order of the day. In essence, it looks raw »

How To Buy Art For Your Mid-Century Home

Modern mid-century decor Although it shares many visual similarities with minimalist decor, modern or mid-century design is less concerned with paring down things to the bare essentials. Its hallmarks are the use of geometric shapes and smooth curves, which are often seen in the furniture of the 1950s; curved butterfly »

Art Ideas For Scandinavian Home Decor

Scandinavian Decor Arguably made popular by Swedish furniture giant Ikea, Scandinavian decor is all about functionality, good design, and the color white. Jokes aside, white is just one of the neutral shades and tones that are de rigeur in the modern Scandinavian style. Natural light and the creation of clear, »

Art for Your Minimalist Home

Streamlined and pared down, with clean lines that are pleasing to the eye, minimalist décor creates a sense of mental calm that comes from a strict aversion to clutter. Common features of the minimalist style are the use of neutral colors, color palettes restricted to only few shades, and furniture »