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The Business of Art, Made Simple.

The Commissioned REDEFINED! The Business of Art, Made Simple.

The Rise of The Artist In a mass produced, digitally replicated world, the Artist will be king. While factories churn out ‘stuff’ in massive quantities to satisfy global demand, there remains a growing and discerning audience who will seek the works of original artists. Artists enable the human race to »

The Commissioned Featured on The Business Times

We're absolutely thrilled to be featured on The Business Times! WHEN Joy Cheong wanted a unique present for her father's birthday, she turned to a new Singapore-based website called The Commissioned ( to create a portrait of him with his grandchildren. She trawled through the site to look at »

The Birth of The Commissioned

The Genesis… I Never Knew I Could Commission Art In September last year (2014), I made a solo trip to a remote Indonesia island - to a rustic beach resort I frequently visit when I sought a place of solace, the ability to focus, and inspiration away from the chaos »

Transforming the World of Art...So We Can Transform the World Through Art.

Art. It’s a powerful force for self-expression. Art exudes both beauty and meaning. And artists have a profound ability to tell the stories of the human race… For this reason, we launch The Commissioned™ today. Artists and buyers can now connect all over the world… and together, create inspired »