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All the information you need on how to commission a beautiful and meaningful work of art.

How To Use Commissioned Art For Business and Events

Art and business go well together. Art is more than decoration. There are companies that use art in their hallways to encourage their employees to think more creatively. Here are some ideas on how personalized art can super-charge your business. 1. Jazz up your office If you have a blank »

A Newbie's Guide to Commissioning Art

Maybe it's the perfect gift for an upcoming anniversary, or you’re looking for a special piece that will hang on the walls of your newly renovated home. Whatever the occasion, you’ve decided that a commissioned art piece is just what you need. Here are 9 simple steps that »

A Newbie's Guide to Art Styles

Various art styles and art movements have emerged and fallen through the tide of time. If the mere mention of art styles makes you want to hide under your duvet, fret not. Here is a quick guide to the 9 common styles featured on our site. Street Art This style »

How to Choose the Right Artist for your Commissioned Artwork

Settle your budget. Before you set out to find the right artist to bring your artwork to life, think about how much you are willing to spend on the artwork. This narrows down your search and lets you focus on the art itself. When browsing through artists on The Commissioned, »