Stories behind our latest art commissions, read on and get inspired!

From Forest to Canvas

Fall in love with art. That’s exactly what Karen Cheng did as she browsed through the gallery of artists on The Commissioned, before stumbling upon the artwork of Deusa Blumke. Every artist on The Commissioned is unique and Deusa was no exception. What captured Karen’s eye was Deusa’ »

His Favorite Place

In October 2015, Cheryl Chia was wracking her brains on what would make a good gift for her husband’s 38th birthday. Tired of giving the usual birthday presents of a new wallet or a pen, Cheryl turned to The Commissioned with the purpose of finding a unique and meaningful »

With Love From Mama

It’s not everyday that a young girl gets to move into her “big girl” room and to commemorate that event, mother of three, June Yong decided to commission a piece for her daughter’s, new room. Having come across the artist, Yong Yee Beh on The Commissioned, June was »

A Wish Of Peace And Prosperity

For the Chinese, numbers are everything. From the number of cherry blossoms on a branch to the number of bamboo shoots, all these elements come together to convey messages of prosperity and well wishes. And this was exactly what Su Yuen wanted as a gift for her mother’s birthday. »

The Lawyer, The Hero

When someone’s a superhero (at least to you), how do you show your appreciation? With a unique commissioned art piece of course. To properly thank her boss for doing her a favour, Kate wanted to commision a piece of art representing her boss as “The Lawyer” overlooking the Central »