Tips and Ideas

Tips and ideas on how to fill your homes with meaningful and beautiful works of art.

A Beautiful Resolution

New Year's resolutions are supposed to make us happy, right? Then why are you stressing out about losing weight, working out more, drinking less, etc.? We seem to be so focused on our post-holiday muffin tops right now that we've forgotten about exercising that lump between our ears. This year, »

How Art & Science Collide - Part 1

It is no secret that technology has evolved in leaps and bounds in recent years, and the divide between art and science no longer seems to exist anymore. Here are 3 artists and their works that show how science and art can complement each other. 1. Cyborg Man - Neil »

5 EcoArtists Who Inspire Change

Art is normally seen as something that people buy to beatify their homes and other buildings of interest. There also exists a special type of art that gets us thinking about the environment around us – EcoArt. EcoArt focuses on art that has to do with systems and interrelationships within our »

Where Does An Artist Get New Ideas?

The romantic image of the artist, head in the clouds and full of lofty ideals, persists in our imaginations. Although this is something of a stereotype, an essential part of an artist’s work is discovering inspiration, and keeping that inspiration flowing. Where do they find new ideas to develop »

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

It's the season for making merry, and gift-shopping. Here are some of our favorite gift picks for your special man. Custom map cufflinks - With these customized cufflinks, he'll be able to carry his favorite map on his sleeve. Math formulas tie - If your man is a math whiz, »