You'd like to create a gallery wall right above your sofa in the living room. Commission a painting of you and your partner in bold splashes of color, as a centerpiece.
You're looking to decorate the walls of your child's room. Co-create a watercolour painting of his favourite animal or activity, to brighten up the wall above his bed.
You've been looking for that perfect piece of painting to hang in your bedroom. Commission an art piece that holds lasting significance for you and your partner, and that is just the right size too.
You'd like a centerpiece for your dining room wall. Commission a high-contrast abstract painting that will spark off conversations around the room.
You've had the same greying wallpaper and outdated furniture for a while now, and you've decided to redecorate. What better way to refresh the look of a room than with a new painting or sketch?
Your family is growing bigger and you're moving to a bigger home. Fill the all the extra wall space you now have with custom-created works of art.
Liven up an austere, sparse room with a splash of color; a specially commissioned oil painting would be perfect for the job.
A series of artwork along an otherwise empty hallway is a great way to tell a story; your eye is drawn to follow the series of art pieces as you walk down it.
You're looking for a gift for your boss to show your appreciation for her leadership and guidance. Gather the team to co-commission a piece of artwork of her, for her.
You're a banker. Commission an artwork for your top-tier clients as a meaningful and personalized gift.
You're opening your first restaurant and would like to showcase a series of paintings to show how you made your dream into reality. Say it with art.
You're a property developer planning for the upcoming launch of a new luxury project. Commission paintings of the beautiful sights and scenes around the island as signature pieces to decorate the development's penthouse units and villas.
You've got a big product launch coming up. Showcase the ideas and inspiration behind the new product in an art piece.
You're an interior designer working on a loft project. Propose a painting that would suit the Scandinavian design to a tee.
You're setting up a new regional office. Mark the occasion with an art piece to let clients in on the story behind your business.
Your non-profit just completed a major project that will help many beneficiaries. Celebrate this achievement by commissioning a painting of the event and auctioning it to your patrons at your next fundraiser, or give it to your most generous contributors as a token of appreciation.
Commission a painting of your business' first shop or office; it helps tell the story of your company's heritage and shares the journey from humble beginnings to the present with your customers.
You're planning the big wedding proposal. Create a piece of art that captures the two of you strolling down the beach hand in hand, and surprise her by unveiling it just before you pop the question!
Your parents are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. Surprise them on their special occasion with a painting of the both of them.
Your friends are getting married. Commission a painting as a meaningful wedding gift.
Your daughter is graduating this year. Commission a painting of her in her chosen career, be it in education, the medical profession, or architecture.
Your husband's 40th birthday is coming up in 2 months time. Surprise him with a piece that is both personal and meaningful.
You've got a goal, a vision. Whether it's opening your own pastry shop or buying your own jet plane, commission an art piece that depicts your goals, and keep your eyes on the prize when you when you're in need of some motivation.
Moving from your first marital home? Commission one of our artists to do a black and white sketch of it, so you can bring it along to your new pad.
Launching your first book? Celebrate the achievement with an art piece to tell the story behind it.
Know a twenty-something who's moving out for the first time? Be the best housewarming guest ever by gifting them a quality art piece; it'll definitely be remembered and cherished for life!
Your best friend is moving to another country for work. Commission a painting of the two of you and send it over to remind your partner-in-crime of home.
Scored a promotion? Mark the day with an art piece to share about your career journey thus far, and the inspirations that keep you going.
You've just had an unforgettable vacation in Sicily with your wife. Turn that treasured memory into a vivid watercolour piece for the walls of your home.  
Good ol' granddad used to bring you fishing. Re-create that memory of the both of you on a little fishing boat on canvas.
Your childhood home is about to be torn down to make way for a new property development. Preserve the memories of a happy home with a special piece of art.
Remember that graduation trip you took with your best friends? Of course you do, it was the best. Keep the freedom and exhilaration of that trip alive with a commissioned painting of the bunch of you on the road, or at your exotic destination.
Remember the day you first met your wife? The moment when she captured your attention with her gorgeous smile? Re-live that memory by turning it into a work of art.
You've ushered your first child into this world. Turn that moment when you first cradled him in your arms into a precious piece of art for your nursery.  
You've just witnessed the tearful reconciliation between two long-lost friends. Commission a piece that will tell the story of how love overcame the distance.
You've captured a scene of your child playing with his favourite person, grandma, on your phone. Re-create that poignant moment on canvas, as a meaningful gift for your mother.
Fan of Harry Potter or Star Wars? Commission an original painting of your favourite scene from the movie. Add a twist, or not.
You deeply admire this celebrity or business person. Be a part of his success and pay tribute to his life's work by commissioning an original painting of him.   
You're a lover of literature. Commission a painting of a scene from your favourite book, with yourself as the lead protagonist.
You're madly in love with dogs. Commission a piece of you and your furry pals out on a run.
You're a collector of vintage wine. Commission a sketch of your favourite labels.
You're a car connoisseur. Commission a painting of you and your wheels, zipping off into the sunset.
Got a favourite book or comic character you idolize or admire? Commission a painting of them and be inspired every day.
You're a bird watcher, and you've just come back from a holiday where you spotted some rare species. Commission scientific drawings of your finds.

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