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Accessible, Affordable, Meaningful: The Art You Always Wanted

The Commissioned enables you to have the artist of your choice create an original, customized work of art that’s perfect for you.

United States, Australia and Singapore -- September 18, 2015

Commissioned Art – art that is ‘personalized’ or ‘customized’ – can exude beauty, meaning and thoughtfulness, making it excellent décor or gift. Yet few people think about commissioning an art piece.

The Commissioned™ (www.TheCommissioned.com), a company based in the United States, Australia and Singapore, changes that with a web and mobile app that lets you easily commission customized, bespoke works of art – by a global community of artists.

Just as Uber made private cars and drivers easily available to everyone, The Commissioned makes customized art a luxury we can all experience.

How does The Commissioned work?
It starts by matching buyers with artists from all over the world. “Art is very personal,” said Founder and CEO Melvin Yuan. “Our clients enjoy viewing the portfolios of our community of artists. In doing so, they discover their personal preferences. And when they find an artist they like, they can commission a piece that’s perfectly suited to them – the subject, medium, style, color and size that they want.”

An ‘Online Art Concierge’ service supports users who are new to the commissioning process.

“When we commission an art piece,” adds Yuan, “we (together with artists) participate in a beautiful act of co-creation.” The Commissioned enables users to be part of a vibrant artistic community, where ideas are exchanged, and where both artists and their clients can use sketches and photos as part of their conversation.

The Commissioned is available as a web and Android mobile app (found in the Google Play store). The iOS version will be launched by the end of the year (2015).

A trusted platform for buyers & artists
The Commissioned is a trusted platform for managing the artist-buyer collaborative process,” says Yuan. “We enable artists to do their best work for clients from all over the world. The Commissioned takes care of contracts, billing, payment, process documentation, logistics planning and other forms of administration.”

The birth of The Commissioned
Telling the story of The Commissioned, Yuan shared: “I’ve always struggled to find the perfect art piece. On hindsight, it’s because I’ve always wanted art that’s personal and meaningful, but I never gave a second thought to commissioning an art piece. I’ve always assumed it would be too costly to do so. A chance meeting with a talented artist on a remote island in Indonesia gave me reason to believe that anyone can commission beautiful and original works of art at affordable prices. So to me, there is no perfect art piece... until now. A commissioned art piece is always the perfect piece, and we now make that available to everyone.”

The Commissioned enables talented artists who want to build a strong profile globally to easily manage and scale their work—to make a connection with appreciative clients around the world.

Who would commission art?
Clients include individuals and businesses who want custom-created, bespoke art pieces for their homes and offices; as gifts for special occasions or valued customers; or to commemorate significant corporate milestones.

Strong early validation
In the past three months while the The Commissioned was in its private-beta stage, its community of artists has grown to over 200 from more than 35 countries all over the world. Completed art pieces have also found their place in the homes and offices of early clients. The number of registered users on the site has also grown to over 200.

Excellent feedback from early users
Said Karen Cheng, a well-known blogger, and a client based in Australia, “I’m really impressed by the way you’ve approached the whole idea of getting artworks commissioned. You've put in a lot of thought into the design and navigation of your website, and the overall presentation is professional and sleek, complete with useful tips on where to start. This makes The Commissioned come across as very trustworthy, secure and accessible – which is not often the case when it comes to the general public's perception of obtaining art."

Singapore-based client, Chin Su Yuen, who commissioned a painting of Buddha for her parents, said “I find commissioning my own custom made art pieces a lot more meaningful and valuable than those super expensive paintings I can buy from a gallery. I can communicate my preferences to the artist and have a completely unique work of art, all without burning a hole in my pocket.”

Leslie Low, one of the artists on the platform, said: “The Commissioned has been very helpful in connecting buyers and artists. The art concierge service helps match us (artists) to buyers, and the experience has been pretty rewarding!”

Managing Partner of Innosight, Scott Anthony, is a leading thinker in the field of disruptive innovation. One of the advisors and an angel investor in The Commissioned, Anthony says, “The Commissioned is a classic disruption, promising to open up a historically limited market. Like all disruptions, it will make high-quality art substantially more accessible and affordable. It's about time someone did this!”

Renowned American VC, Tim Draper, is also one of the investors in The Commissioned. He was one of its first users. “I had a great experience!” said Draper, “it was a delight to find so many talented artists. I was pleased with the art piece that I commissioned for my wife. I think the company is truly transforming the world of art!”

The founders
This is Yuan’s second technology venture. In 2010, he co-founded indoor positioning company, YFind Technologies, which was acquired by Ruckus Wireless, Inc. in 2013.

Howie Chang, co-founder and Head of Product at The Commissioned, was formerly head of UI/UX for Viki (acquired by Rakuten in 2013), and more recently, director of products for RedMart.

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About The Commissioned™
The Commissioned is Your Online Art Commission™ - a web service that connects you with talented artists from all over the world, enabling you to commission a piece that’s truly yours.

The company is based in the United States, Australia and Singapore, with a curated community of artists from all over the world.

We envision a world where commissioned art is made accessible and affordable… where no one will ever say “I wish I could find the perfect art piece”, or “I wish I could paint”; a world where art is not just beautiful, but also deeply personal and meaningful.

For more information, please visit www.TheCommissioned.com

Press Room
High-resolution images of The Commissioned’s logo and commissioned artworks are available for download from https://www.thecommissioned.com/press.

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